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The single entry point for commercial services of characterisation

11 – 12 December –  iMNC18

Join us at the International MicroNanoConference 2018, here a preview of our speech “Large Scale instruments tackling nanoscale characterization challenges in microelectronics” :

•  The use of Neutron Reflectivity (NR) to characterise the penetration of water into direct bonded SiO2/SiO2 interface. Read more
•  In-situ X-ray diffraction study of solid-state reaction of Ni and GeSn on Si substrate. Smooth phase transformation is observed during the annealing and some kinetic parameters could be withdrawn. Read more
•  X-ray nano-tomography with 30nm spatial resolution at LSF for the characterization of Through Silicon Vias (TSV) and Copper Pillars (CuP). Read more

20 November – GaN workshop


Power electronics: GaN workshop (20th November, 10:00 – 16:30 in Paris)

IRT Nanoelec develops a new technology of semiconductor power components based on Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN / Si). Destinated to the major players in power electronics to discuss the state of the art and advances in the field of GaN-based Power Components. One day to address several topics: market analysis, industrial applications, round tables.

Learn more about the Agenda


13 – 16 November – Electronica


Meet us at Electronica Fair, we will be there with SERMA TECHNOLOGIES and Minalogic.

Discover 2 examples using advanced characterisation techniques to look inside materials and microelectronics devices:

Synchrotron non-destructive analysis: case study

Neutron imaging to find water inside a sealed package: case study 


Industrial Agreement: PAC-G and SERMA TECHNOLOGIES

The Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G) and SERMA Technologies have signed today an industrial agreement to better cater for the electronics industry

The members of Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G), with the support of the IRT NanoElec, have signed today the first agreement with SERMA TECHNOLOGIES, a service and consulting company with 17 years of experience in the micro- and nano-electronics market. This is the result of 3 years of preparation and practical collaborations, to offer a complete hashtag#characterization service. Today, it signals an important breakthrough for the future of PAC-G and the collaboration of its members with microelectronics industry.

Read more about the vision and comments of our Directors

16  October 2018 – CARAC 2018

The unique event dedicated to materials characterisation in Grenoble

On this occasion, the Characterisation Platforms based in Grenoble will open the doors of their facilities to industry. People from industry united by their passion for innovation, with a business or a scientific background, will be joining us to learn more about advanced material characterisation with electrons, synchrotron X-rays and neutron for micro- nano-electronics, engineering and energy.

Bring your questions and ask about your challenge to our scientists at the confidential B2B meeting!  Register now

For more info write to eventcarac@pac-grenoble.eu
read here about CARAC 2017

16 – 21 September 2018 – RADECS 2018


Do you know thermal neutron tests are required to assess the reliability of highly integrated devices for critical applications? Come to Radecs2018 at the booth 8, we can show you the advantages of our Sngle Entry Point PAC-G. People from Airbus team have already found their solution, find out the industrial case study

We can allow you to have access, on the same site, to a broad spectrum of neutron energies from fast to thermal neutrons (14 MeV, 2.5 MeV and 25 meV) at ILL – Institut Laue Langevin and LPSC – Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology.



6 June – 4th Edition of Minalogic Business Meetings

At the heart of the European Silicon Valley, a fruitful day of business exchanges, conferences and networking, to build future partnerships.

The Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G) will be present to meet their clients in B2B meetings to show the competitive advantages offered to the nano and micro-electronics industry by the characterisation services provided by ILL – Institut Laue Langevin, ESRF – The European Synchrotron, LPSC CNRS and CEA-Leti.

Schedule a meeting writing to support@pac-grenoble.eu



16 – 17 May 2018 – MiNaPAD


Our next meeting is the MiNaPAD Forum, 2 days of conference where we will speak about micro and nano imaging by synchrotron X-rays and neutron reflectivity to characterise interfaces defects in wafers. The objective of the Micro/Nano-Electronics Packaging & Assembly, Design and Manufacturing Forum is to reinforce the design community (which constitutes the largest share of the semiconductor community in Europe) and the assembly and electronics packaging community.

Schedule a meeting with Rafael Varela DellaGiustina or write to support@pac-grenoble.eu