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AlienS: School for advanced material characterization, 14-18 October 2019

PAC-G organizes in cooperation with the INSTN/CEA-Grenoble and The Dresden Fraunhofer Cluster Nano-analysis (DFCNA) the one-week advanced training course AlienS, focused on advanced material characterization. The goal is the launch of an European school on materials characterization targeting industrial needs and covering most of the energy, health and information technology application fields. AlienS, school for…
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How science support industry

On occasion of the International MicroNanoConference 2018, our colleague Rafael Varela Della Giustina was interviewed to talk about how science support industry. He also offered three application cases illustrating how the research facilities, such as the ESRF, ILL, LPSC and CEA-Leti; can support growth and competitiveness in microelectronics. How science support industry Often seen as…
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Application of Synchrotron X-ray nano-probes for nanoscience and nanotechnology

On 25th of March 2019, our colleague Ennio Capria will have a talk at the seminar organised by Grenoble INP for the Nanotech Master. The talk will take place at Phelma Minatec/ Z108 at 16h00 and it will be focused on the applications of synchrotron X-ray nano-probes for nanoscience and nanotechnology.  Nanoscience research and innovation for…
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