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A brand new series of articles and application cases

A brand new series of articles and application cases

One of the most common reactions we get when promoting our services to the industry is the classic “Oaw! But that is too advanced for us!”. With all the remarkable capabilities and the countless techniques proposed by the PAC-G, one really has to wonder: how can they help me in my everyday industrial R&D?

At the PAC-G we believe our clients do not have to struggle to overcome scientific challenges. We also think complementary characterization techniques are key enablers of the real innovation and value creation within the industrial sector. Several technological roadmaps (IRDS 2107, EMCC etc.) point out the need for advanced testing methodologies, higher accuracy requirements and non-destructive measurement capability. They also highlight the importance of identifying and understanding the underlying phenomena behind the appearence of defects to increase yield, reduce process variation and avoid failure. We are convinced our characterization techniques can help reduce time-to-market for new emerging technologies and accelerate their adoption in a cost-effective manner.

With that in mind, and to bring our client base closer to “our world”,  PAC-G is launching a series of short articles illustrating the applications of these advanced techniques in the industry. These examples spam from the highly technical in-situ testing for new process development to the very simple quality control related to the change of equipment in a production line. We will address major challenges facing micro and nano electronics in specific markets. In the next month, we will talk about advanced tests that could help the development of GaN technology for power applications. Stay tuned!

The PAC-G pushes the frontiers of micro and nano characterisation for microelectronics. Our unique service offer to the market draws on the capabilities of four large-scale facilities of Grenoble: the ESRF, the ILL, the LPSC and CEA-Leti. We offer consulting on non-conventional characterisation techniques, confidential access to instruments and beam-lines and expertise on material science and engineering. Our associated partner SERMA Technologies, who brings 17 years of experience in the electronics sector, completes our offer.


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